Heeeeere’s Goldy!

20 Mar

We have had a really great day at the Watkins’ house today.  It started out really rainy and dreary but turned out to be very beautiful.  We made it to Bible study this morning and had a great time and learned a lot, as usual.  Did you guys know that while Jesus’ body was in the tomb for three days after his crucifixion, he was actually going around doing things like talking to the demons in Hades?  I found that so interesting and am definitely going to look into that some more.

Also, we looked more into the actions of the disciples and the Mary’s after Jesus’ crucifixion.  The Mary’s were all up at his tomb with their embalming spices and were so upset that someone has stolen his body, when really he had been resurrected.  Even after spending so much time with Jesus, they still couldn’t grasp that he would and had risen from the dead!

After Bible study, I treated Charlie and Maddie to a special surprise.  We stopped by Pet Smart, and I would like to introduce you to the newest addition to our family, Goldy!

Charlie and Maddie each picked out a little decor for Goldy's new abode!

Charlie and Maddie each picked out a little decor for Goldy’s new abode!

Goldy is actually green, but we have been reading a book called “Goldy the Goldfish,” so that name stuck.  At first Charlie wanted to name him Power Ranger Fish, then Spiderman Fish, so I am happy with Goldy!

While Maddie was napping, Charlie and I made a bunny.  I found this project on Pinterest and it uses a toilet paper tube as the base, but I used a butter container because I didn’t feel like going through the recycling for a toilet paper tube!  So lazy!  Here’s the original link:   http://www.alannageorge.com/2012/04/04/how-to-toilet-paper-tube-bunny/.  Here’s ours:

Our bunny.

Our bunny.

Then, we made Resurrection eggs.  Charlie was supposed to make some in his Bible study class this morning, but his teacher was sick so they didn’t do it.  They won’t meet again until after Easter, so I decided to go ahead and make some.  I found some instructions online at this wonderful site: http://dressesandmesses.wordpress.com/2009/04/10/resurrection-eggs/.  Guys, this was so easy to do and the Resurrection eggs have just been so wonderful.  You can make them with things you have around the house, and you can easily change any part of the story to make it easier for younger kids.  Charlie and I have been through them 3 times today, and he has learned so much already!

Our Resurrection eggs.

Our Resurrection eggs.

Charlie could hardly wait to start opening them up!

Charlie could hardly wait to start opening them up!

Grandpa brought some ice cream by.

Grandpa brought some ice cream by.

Opening up an egg.

Opening up an egg.

One Response to “Heeeeere’s Goldy!”

  1. ad65shorty March 20, 2013 at 2:06 am #

    Thanx for linking to me!! 🙂

    Yours turned out so cute, and I love your little guy’s expression as he’s opening one! 🙂


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