Spreading Weeds

16 Apr

Jason is going to kill me if he finds out that the kids and I spent the afternoon spreading daffodil seeds all over the yard.  When I looked out the window and saw that our front yard was peppered with large, perfectly round daffodils, I knew I had to introduce them to one of my favorite ways to make a wish.  We went outside and the kids raced around to pick daffodils (and to argue over daffodils), then they made a wish (Charlie’s favorite wish was “gibbeldy, gook, gook,” and so forth…he loves gibberish right now.), and blew the seeds everywhere.

Running to a daffodil patch

Running to a daffodil patch

Found one!

Found one!

Spreading weeds

Spreading weeds

Maddie screamed out "There's one!" every time she saw a daffodil.

Maddie screamed out “There’s one!” every time she saw a daffodil.


I saw a HUGE patch of daffodils in our back yard later in the afternoon.  We’ll have to take care of that tomorrow!  Sorry, Honey!

*4/17/13: I just woke up and realized those weeds are dandilions, not daffodils! Oh the difference a good nights sleep can make!*

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