Boys vs. Girls: The Restroom

24 Apr

Hi everyone!  What a gorgeous day this has been.  Aaron spent the day with us (while Sam was at Duke getting his stem cells harvested-go Sam:)) and we got to do some fun stuff with him.  He helped Charlie and Maddie with a science experiment this morning and then we went to the park to enjoy the weather.  I walked/ran a little with the kids while Aaron finished up his schoolwork.  This afternoon we went to Aaron and Noah’s baseball game.  The kids really liked it and we are looking forward to a summer of games.

I have a little anecdote from today that those of you who know my children will find amusing.  I have always known that Charlie and Maddie are very different.  I think some of their differences are typical differences between boys and girls, but most of it is just that they have very different personalities. They are total opposites! While at the park this morning, a wonderful illustration of the differences in my children occurred.

Maddie had to use the restroom.  She did the typical thing that she does in the restroom: I pulled down her pants and undies, helped her onto the toilet, then she said, “Turn around.” Yes, she tells me to turn around.  At home she tells me to “Go away.  Close the door.” Then she goes about her business and lets me know when she is ready for my assistance.

Charlie was waiting outside the door of the bathroom.  He had to go, too.  I take him in, help him unzip, then stand there next to him while he goes.  “Look, Mommy, my pee slides off of the side of the toilet and goes into the water!” He proceeds to talk to me the entire time.  So sweet to his mommy.

This picture captures their personalities perfectly!

This picture captures their personalities perfectly!

I value both of their personalities- Charlie’s sweet and caring attitude and Maddie’s spunk and independence.  Maybe they will rub off on each other throughout the years and we’ll have 2 perfect people.

2 Responses to “Boys vs. Girls: The Restroom”

  1. Katherine April 25, 2013 at 10:24 pm #

    I love this, Laresa! It also amazes me how very different my two are also. It sounds like my boy is like your girl, and my girl like your boy. I enjoy the stories that you share, and it’s something I like reading when I need a break from the necessary emails. Keep them comin’!


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