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It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

23 Jan

**There’s a party I’m hosting, and weenies for roasting, and sandwiches fresh from the stove.

There’ll be funny commercials, some plays controversial, and beer will be surely a flow!**

That’s right, it’s the most wonderful time of the year!  Superbowl time! You may be thinking “wow, this girl is one football fan.” No, not at all!  I am celebrating the end of the season!  The end of Saturday and Sunday long, listening to my husband yell at the tv, don’t you dare change that channel, torture.  It’s a glorious time and requires lots of planning on my part.  This year is going to be a little different because we will actually have guests so, I’ve got to start my party planning!  The menu this season will be as follows:

Ham Delights

ham delights

It’s real easy, you buy a tin of those little dinner rolls that they sell in the bread isle.  Cut it in half, so you have a top and bottom.  Layer with ham and swiss cheese.  Place top half back on (or as some people call it, “the lid.”) Melt 1/3 cup butter.  Mix in 1 tbs mustard, 1 tbs poppy seeds, 1/3 tsp Worcestershire sauce.  Now spread that junk all over the top of them rolls, cover it up in some foil, and bake that stuff for 20 minutes at 350.  Mmmmm.

Mini Pigs in a Blanket

pigs in a blanket

I don’t feel like I really need to explain this recipe, but for those that absolutely have no idea, here it is.  Cheap red hotdogs, crescent rolls.  Cut em, roll em up, bake em.  Yum.

Slut Brownies

Slut Brownies

This is an easy one too.  Pre-made chocolate chip cookie dough.  Layer it on the bottom of a baking dish or pan.  Drop in a layer of oreo cookies, Then you get some brownie mix (the cheap kind), make it according to the directions on the box, and pour that goop all over those oreos.  350, bake it for 30-35 minutes, and mmmm.  I suggest waiting a while to cut them because they will crumble and not be pretty if you do it while they are hot.

(Just a note:  These are not pictures of the food that I have actually made, but it will look exactly like it.  I will post pics of mine in my follow-up blog about how great life is post-football)

We will probably have some chips and dip and I may throw in something fruity, but this is the easiest, best tasting Superbowl menu by far! After all my food is cooked, I like to pull out the nice Wilton Armetale silver platters to serve it on.  Gotta keep it classy!