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You Shouldn’t Yell During Uno!

22 Jan

Today has been quite a day!  We got off to a lazy start, so when Casey and Emma showed up at 11 to visit, I still had my robe on and Charlie and Maddie had just gotten out of the tub.  We had a great visit with Casey and Emma, though, and we got quite a bit of work done even with the distraction of a 1 year old, a 2 year old, and a 3 year old running around!


Isn't Emma precious?

Isn’t Emma precious?


We are working on some new tutus for Mommy in Bonlee and had Maddie model for us.  Charlie and Emma were so jealous, it was difficult to keep them out of the pictures!

Getting ready...

Getting ready…

I love the look on Maddie's face here!

I love the look on Maddie’s face here!

DSC_0045 DSC_0048

...and a supermodel is born!

…and a supermodel is born!

If you like this tutu, you should check out our shop on Storenvy at http://mommyinbonlee.storenvy.com and also like us on Facebook!  This particular one isn’t listed yet, but there are plenty others!

Charlie had me cracking up tonight.  After dinner, we were having a friendly family game of UNO.  Charlie has never played before, and neither Jason nor I have played since we were children.  Jason and I were a bit overexcited, I guess.  We had not told Charlie the biggest rule of UNO: when a player has only one card remaining, they have to yell out “UNO” before the other players yell it out.  Well, when Charlie got down to one card, Jason and I both yelled at him, “UNO!”  Charlie said, “You shouldn’t yell.”  Then he busted out in tears!  It was so pitiful, but funny at the same time.

When that game was over, with Charlie being victorious because of his pitifulness, we played another game.  Jason won this one, and Charlie said, “I was supposed to win!” and started crying again!  He stuck that bottom lip out and just really put on a fit!  Jason and I were just about to die laughing.  I wish I had it on video, because it would have been a YouTube sensation!

Aren’t children funny?




Lesson Learned. Head Deflated.

25 Apr

Today was a lesson for me, not my children. God sent me a clear message to not be prideful or too sure of my parenting abilities. It was a tough lesson to learn, too, which is why I am in bed at 8:36! Don’t judge me. I am exhausted.

The day began eerily smoothly. I got myself and everyone else dressed and out the door to Bible study on time, which is a rarity. I even had time to wash the coffee pot before we left, which NEVER happens! We had a great morning at our Bible study, and Charlie’s teacher just went on and on about how wonderful he was when I picked him up. “I don’t know what you’re doing, but keep doing it,” she said to me. I left thinking I was the best mother ever with the best children ever. Then we went to the grocery store.

The trip started out well enough. We managed to snag a car-cart and were on our way. Then Maddie decided that she wanted to stand up, fell, and busted her lip on the steering wheel. I’m talking a bloody mess in the meat section. It was then that I realized I was out of wipes. I ended up carrying a screaming baby through the bread and dairy sections while pushing the cart one handed with Charlie making incredibly loud car sounds to try to drown out Maddie. We were a hot mess, to say the least. The grocery trip didn’t get any better from there.

When we got home I was so happy to get Maddie down for her nap. She was asleep about 45 minutes when the Directv technician came to fix our satellite dish, interrupting Charlie’s quiet time on the couch.  Charlie decided to ride his fire truck through the house, which he accompanies by obnoxiously loud “WEEOOO, WEEOOO” sounds.  This, of course, wakes Maddie. 

Jason decides to come home from work early after a meeting out of town.  It has been months since he has come home early, so of course this is very exciting.  The house descends into chaos.  Charlie shoots off on his fire truck causing Maddie, who is standing on the cord he pretends is a fire hose, to fall, busting her lip again.  There is blood, screaming, whining, and general unhappiness for the rest of the afternoon.  I told Jason, who looks like he wishes he had not come home, that it is not usually like this, but I don’t think he believes me. 

Of course, my mother’s solution to all of this is that I put on lipstick.  I can’t find my lipstick because Maddie likes to take things out of drawers and deposit them in various locations throughout the house, and my lipstick can currently not be located.  Mama, when you read this, go buy me some lipstick.  I will put it on and see how that works out.