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Weekly Photo Challenge: Extra, Extra (An Extra-Special Weekend)

16 Jun

After a super-busy week last week, the kids and I spent Friday and Saturday in Mt. Airy, visiting with my dad for an early Father’s Day celebration (And giving Jason a little present-a couple of days with nothing to think about but playing golf!)

We had a great time seeing everyone, especially my step-sister Brie and her friends who were visiting for the week. We don’t get to see them very often.

Charlie and his cousin, Kellan, are “best buds.”  They love playing together and just run to each other and hug when they get to see each other.  Charlie now wants to move to Papa’s house so he can play with Kellan all of the time!

The kids rode up and down Daddy's driveway a million times-they loved walking around the garden and through the vineyard.

The kids rode up and down Daddy’s driveway a million times-they loved walking around the garden and through the vineyard.


Charlie and Kellan on their scooters.  They were so funny pretending to wreck and help each other up!

Charlie and Kellan on their scooters. They were so funny pretending to wreck and help each other up!


We went up on Pilot Mountain on Saturday and had a picnic and walked around a little.  This was extra special to us because we used to go up there all of the time when I was growing up, but I haven’t been in probably ten years.  We would take lunch up there and walk around the knob.  I haven’t taken the kids up there yet because I have honestly been too scared that they would fall off the mountain, but they are big enough now to have a little fear in them!

We had a great time.  The only thing missing, according to my sisters, was a bucket of KFC fried chicken!

Here are some pictures from our day:

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And can’t forget a picture of this wonderful daddy!

Spending some cuddle time with his Baby Girl on Father's Day.

Spending some cuddle time with his Baby Girl on Father’s Day.


Grilling out some burgers in his new "Daddy set. 2009 " shirt.

Grilling out some burgers in his new “Daddy since 2009” shirt.


Jason moved on to a new stage in his life-the kids are now picking out their presents for him!  Don’t worry, he didn’t get  a tacky tie-He got an iron man toothbrush from Charlie and a cow mug from Maddie.

Add in a couple of cookouts to celebrate Kitten and Ed, and we had a busy but good Father’s Day weekend.  I hope you did, too!




Mommy at a Crossroads

12 Mar

Boy, it is really hitting me today how Charlie is growing up!  We spent the morning going through his clothes, with him telling me what he liked and didn’t like, and moving his everyday clothes and pajamas into the bottom drawers of his dresser so he can reach them to dress himself.  Just yesterday I was forcing him to dress himself, because he was being lazy and wanted me to dress him, and today he picked out an outfit and brought it downstairs.  “Does this match?” he asked me before he got dressed.

At the library today he picked out 2 chapter books for me to read to him at nighttime.  Chapter books!  Can you believe it? The entire time we were sitting in the story time room with Ms. Beth reading, I held Charlie in my lap and squeezed him so hard.  I won’t be taking him to story time much longer.

Yesterday a friend of mine with a little girl the same age as Charlie posted pics of kindergarten registration.  This made me think, “I guess I should check on kindergarten registration.”  So I did, when we got home from story time.  And it’s next week.  Next week!  I haven’t taught him all of the letter sounds yet!

Then this afternoon when the kids sat down for a few minutes to watch cartoons while I vacuumed the floors, Charlie walked by me  and said, “I’m going to my room.  It’s too noisy down here.”  WHAT?  I thought I would have a heart attack.  I just nodded my head.

I went up a few minutes later to take him a bowl of popcorn, and this is what I found:



I didn’t really know what to do when I found his door closed.  Do you knock on a 4-year old’s door, or just walk in, holding out your bowl of popcorn?

I ended up compromising by knocking while I opened the door.  I think I will take that approach until he moves out of the house, which will be tomorrow.



5 (Not 26) Random, Hilarious Things That Have Occurred in My Home Today

26 Jan

Today’s writing prompt from The Daily Post was to write something incorporating the number 26.  I started out this morning with the intention of recording 26 funny things that happened in my house throughout the day.  However, it is the end of the day, and I could only come up with 5.  

Sorry, but I am sick, and I was just trying to survive the day.

Some funny things did happen, though.

At least, I found them funny, but I am taking heavy doses of Mucinex, which tends to make things funnier to me…

1. Charlie runs into the bedroom with Maddie’s magic wand, points it at the TV and says, “There will be no more grown-up cartoons on this TV!”

2. Jason, who has been into coin collecting lately, says to me, “Honey, did you know that coins made after 1965 are worth much less than coins made before 1965?”

“Yes, of course I know that.  You didn’t?” I respond sarcastically.

 “Quit being phaeanicious,” he says. (I am still not sure if he was telling me to stop being like a Phaeacian or if he meant facetious.)

3.  Charlie, upon finding an empty popsicle wrapper on his dad’s nightstand:  “What happened here?”

4. Maddie has been replacing random words in songs off of her Sunday School Songs DVD with the word “Poopy.”  Go tell it on the mountain, over the hills and poopy, poopy!  I have to do something about that…soon, I think.

5.  Baby Kitty, who I didn’t know was in the house, suddenly appeared in the kitchen, covered in dust and dust balls.  I need to figure out where he was hiding, because obviously that place needs to be cleaned. 

So I didn’t reach my goal of 26, but I think my five are pretty good.  Have a good night, everyone!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!

7 Oct

Guess who hasn’t gotten the message yet that we don’t get out of bed until the house is filled with sunlight?

That's right.....the Madster!

That’s right…..the Madster!

She gets up SO EARLY!  Sometimes I put her back in bed, but some mornings, like this morning, the alarm is so close to going off anyway that we just go ahead and start our day.

Thankfully we had sweet potato cake leftover from yesterday’s family reunion!

Sweet Potato Cake

Sweet Potato Cake

Now that is how you start a day off right!  It was so good with my coffee. And of course, the kids were like, “What? Cake for breakfast? Yeah!”

I’m such a good mama (with satire).