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My Little Princess (Yes, I said Princess)

17 Aug

I have been seeing this visual pop up over and over again on Facebook and Pinterest:


It has made me think a bit about how I refer to Maddie.  She is our “baby girl,” our “honey,” our “sweet girl,” and our “little princess.” I also point out to her when she does something smart, kind, or that Jesus would like.

I looked into this a little more.  When I typed in “Do not call your daughter a princess,” tons of articles came up, several containing this exact same visual.  Most of them were articles saying not to refer to little girls as princesses, and quite honestly, I just had to stop reading.  Not because I found the articles and their authors ridiculous, as you might expect, but because I am the queen of this household and there are lots of things to be done.

Do you know the role of a princess? A princess is a representative of a monarch and her country.  She leads huge charitable organizations.  She is also sometimes a wife and mother.  I found this interesting article concerning the many activities of Princess Anne: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20081002035350AAOeKFB.  She sounds like someone that I would love for Maddie to strive to be like!

I would say that a princess is pretty awesome!  To fulfill the role of a princess would require intelligence, kindness, patience, love, generosity, leadership abilities and every other word listed on the picture above.


Our little princess.

Our little princess.

I know that some of you are thinking, “But, Laresa, you know that when people call their little girls princesses they are referring to the typical Disney princess.” You are probably right, and there is nothing wrong with that.  The Disney princesses are kind and virtuous women.  And if that is something that you have a problem with, perhaps you should turn off the DVD player and sit down with your daughter and discuss the merits of a real-life princess. Or better yet, do a search of princesses in the Bible (search for daughters of kings in the Bible) and see what shows up! Now that is really interesting.

Here are some reasons that I will continue to call Maddie a princess:

1.  I want her to be proud, like a princess.  There is nothing wrong with being a girl and there is nothing wrong with being a woman.  There is no shame in having a husband who takes care of you like a husband is meant to do. We need to embrace the fact that we were created by God to fulfill a certain role, that of a princess and eventually a queen.  Our role as princesses and queens is one of the most important in the world and we shouldn’t be ashamed of it.

2. I want her to have high expectations, like a princess.  A lot of girls and women today have such low expectations!  I know I certainly did at one point in my life.  If a girl has a father who treats her like a princess, when it is time for her to have boyfriends and choose a husband she will expect the same.  I want Maddie to be called a princess and treated like a princess and then a queen by every man in her life!

Which leads to…

3. I want her to be virtuous, like a princess.  We send the wrong message to our daughters today.  We tell them that they need birth control in case they decide to have sex, that they can have abortions in case an accident happens, and that they can get a shot in case they get an STD.  Instead, we need to teach them that they are princesses, and that they need to search for their prince.  They are that important.

One of the best traits of the Disney princesses is that they wait for their prince charming. They long for him and they search for him, and that is what we need to teach our daughters to do as well.  That is what God wants us to do, and there is nothing wrong with or uncool about that.

4. I want her to beautiful, like a princess. Yes, I said it.  I want her to take care of herself and be healthy, and there is nothing wrong with teaching her that.

5. I want her to get to be a little girl, and little girls like princesses. When she wants to put on her princess dresses, I will let her.  When she wants to read about Cinderella, I will get out the Cinderella book.  

On the flip side, when she wants to put on her Superman consume (which she does have) I will let her do that.

I will let her enjoy her childhood and not clog it up with societies issues.

And most importantly…

6. She is God’s princess, and I want her to know and understand that.  God made women in a special way, and Jesus loved women in a special way during his short time here on Earth.  We are special to him, and we need to start feeling that again.  I want Maddie to feel that and know that, so she doesn’t have to search for that acceptance in other places.

“God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self discipline.” 2 Timothy 1:7

You know, I am a firm believer that we are making life a little too complicated. We absolutely analyze every little thing, and I think it all goes back to our quest for happiness, which is not something that we will ever consistently have in this broken world.  We have got to stop holding other people responsible for our lack of happiness (in this instance our parents who called us princesses) and instead accept the true peace and joy (not happiness) that comes with acceptance of Jesus.

Let’s stop wasting our time and give some power, love, and self discipline to our little princesses.

And just one more thing…

The next time you come over and see Charlie dressed up as Batman, please do not refer to him as Batman.  Instead, just remind him that he is very kind or courageous.  Thanks for your help!

My two sweet, intelligent, funny, beautiful children, AKA Superman and Batman.

My two sweet, intelligent, funny, beautiful children, AKA Superman and Batman.

Notes from Gaga!

9 Feb

I am honored that my girls have asked me to guest write on the blog.

1 1/2 weeks ago I had hip replacement surgery. This has rocked my world and put me in the place of being the caregetter instead of being the caregiver. And when you care for me you get baggage, in the form of Kitten, Chris, 2 dogs and a cat. Moo went to live with my friends for a couple of weeks.

The girls strategically planned my care. I never even gave it a thought. My office was in “good hands” and I was ready to go. My hospital stay was uneventful, other than being sick the whole time. Moore Regional in Pinehurst is a great hospital for orthopedic problems. That’s where all the rich, old, golfers go to get their new parts. I knew from the start that’s where I wanted to be. I came home after 3 days, ready for some physical therapy, I could see the end of this tunnel. I watched the world go by from the comfort of my recliner. My world is different from the recliner. I’m not used to being in the still spot. I’m the giver, not the getter. I spent my birthday basking in the love of my family and enjoyed the Super Bowl with Randy, Jason and Kitten. It was the first time I’ve ever actually watched the whole Super Bowl. I loved every minute of it, mostly laughing at Randy (my sometimes – okay most of the time – negative stepson). I’m sure Beyonce was sent to destroy the world!

I want to tell you about the office flooding on Monday, my Japanese landlord that doesn’t understand Terri (or doesn’t want to understand Terri), about Kitten and Jason talking on the phone while it’s on speaker, Chris sitting on the sofa telling me what he needs (20.00), the nurse asking me about my irregular heartbeat, but that’s not what this is about. I can’t resist however, telling you about the one quite moment in all of this chaos. Kitten’s cell phone rang, that weird, long, erie, loud, loud, sound. Charlie and Maddie stopped dead in their tracks and looked around, the wonder in their eyes. That said it all…..”where are we”? It’s Friday and I still haven’t quite figured that out!

I could not have stayed home without the care of my girls, for which I will forever be grateful. Although he means well, Kitten tends to forget about me! Laresa lives next door, so she, Charlie and Maddie have spent most days with me. Casey and Julie have been here and helped me so much.  I am proud to have 3 girls that are natural caregivers. They each have their special talents and gifts, but they all add up to one loved Mama. Not necessarily deserving, but indeed grateful for my precious girls.

This story will end the day we dance through South Point Mall, which I have been unable to go to for the past 6 months. I hope you will join us.

Charlie, Maddie, and Laresa taking care of Gaga.

Charlie, Maddie, and Laresa taking care of Gaga.

Charlie on his new jungle gym.

Charlie on his new jungle gym.

My view of my birthday cupcake from my spot on the recliner.  What a way to celebrate my birthday!

My view of my birthday cupcake from my spot on the recliner. What a way to celebrate my birthday!


Meeting new people……and fulfilling my civic duty

15 Jan

I had to report for jury duty this morning. I really did not want to go. I had gotten out of it a few months ago so I knew this day was coming. It’s not that I mind giving up a few hours of my life to sit around the Wake County courthouse. I just don’t like the idea of being responsible for someone else’s future. The idea of determining a person’s guilt made me a little nervous.
But this is not what I want to write about. I want to tell you all about this lady I met today in the Jury Lounge. Her name is Catherine. (I remember because that is Julie’s middle name.) She was probably in her early 70s. She was a feisty lady, born in the Bronx. She said that was when the Bronx was mostly farmland. (I can only imagine what that was like.) When Catherine was 19 she was hired to work as a flight attendant for Northwest. She talked about her job and the requirements. All flight attendants had to be a certain height and weight. They were required to participate in daily weigh-ins. If you gained a pound then you were grounded. Can you imagine??? She met a pilot who saw something special in her and asked her if she would be interested in going to flight school. She agreed and in the early 1960s she started flight school. She worked as a pilot for Northwest for over 15 years. During that time she got married and had one daughter. Her husband was also a pilot. He was in the military and died during the Vietnam War while she was pregnant with their daughter. She never remarried. She worked as a pilot and raised her daughter.
We need to spend more time talking to the older women in our lives. They have so many stories to tell. There are so many things for us to learn from them and these women won’t be around forever. If I didn’t have to rush off to daycare after being excused from jury duty I would have invited Catherine to go get a drink so I could hear the rest of her story. I know that she probably had a lot more to share………