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Moments for Sisters-An Inspirational New Mommy in Bonlee

29 Dec

ImageThis is just a quick update for the few people who already follow my blog.  My two lovely sisters, who you see above (Casey on the left, Julie on the right) and I have started a small business called Mommy in Bonlee.  We sell handmade items such as wreaths, decor for your home, and tutus for little girls.  Because of this,  we have been spending a lot more time together (in person, on the phone, and on Facebook :)) and have decided to begin blogging together about our experiences and just about our lives in general. 

I am still going to be focusing on my children and home life, but hopefully will write more often. I would really like to add more DIY things if I can just get myself together to do it!  Casey and Julie are now editors of the blog and they will be chiming in whenever they feel like it.  Together we have a pretty good sense of humor and I hope that you will find us amusing!

I will end this post with an inspirational thought from the inspirational sister book that Casey thought I needed this year. “It is only the women whose eyes have been washed clear with tears who get the broad vision that makes them little sisters to all the world.” Dorothy Dix