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31 Days Unplugged – Day 6 – Other Time Wasters

5 Mar


As you have spent less time wasting time on the Internet, do you find yourself looking to other sources of mindless entertainment to fill up that time?  It would be really easy to replace one bad habit with another, so today’s challenge meets that issue head-on.

Challenge # 5-Delete all games from your cell phone and computer. Candy Crush, Flappy Bird (or whatever it’s called :)), Angry Birds,  and anything else that you use as a boredom-fighter.  You will know what you need to do!

What?  Seriously?  I have devoted days of my life to reach level 165 on Candy Crush Saga!

Yes, I am serious!

Ephesians 5:16 tells us that we should be “making the best use of the time, because the days are evil.”

Is spending hours of your day playing a game that has no meaning whatsoever making the best use of time?  Time that has been given to us by God?

I don’t think so, and you probably don’t, either.

This is a tough one for a lot of people, so you will be in my prayers today!

I Must Remember to Lysol the Sink!

19 May

Fun, Fun, Fun!

Charlie has spent hours, and wasted only God knows how many gallons of water, playing at our kitchen sink today and yesterday.  It is the perfect solution for the dinner-time conundrum.  You know, what do you do with the crazy toddler while you’re trying to fix a half-decent dinner for the family.  Let them play in a sink full of water!

I pull a chair up to the sink, fill up one side with water, give him a measuring cup and a sand rake, and he is good to go for at least half an hour.  Can you believe it?  Yesterday I even put a drop of green food coloring in the water, and I thought Charlie was just going to bust he was so excited.  (I hope the green food coloring won’t stain his insides or anything.)

Meanwhile, Maddie is happy in her little infant seat on the counter and I am good-to-go, clipping coupons, making phone calls, and cooking dinner.  Another pro to this plan:  the floor gets cleaned when I have to mop up all of the water Charlie spills. 

I have to thank my mother for this idea.  I did see her do this with Charlie at her house last week.