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Get With It, Laresa!

15 Apr

Whew!  We have been busy around the Watkins’ house!  I feel like it’s been forever since I have posted anything.  I think of things every day that I want to write about, or Charlie will say something or something will happen, and I think, “I have to remember that so I can blog about it,” then I forget it!  I guess I need to keep a notebook with me at all times so I can write down my ideas whenever they occur to me.

We are in the middle of a redecorating stint.  We’re having the kitchen a living room painted a nice blue-grey color.  When we built our house we were just young and in a hurry, so neither Jason nor I paid too much attention to the details like outlet covers and paint colors.  We just went with our first whims.  Now we are slowly going through the house and changing door knobs and hinges and having rooms repainted with more cool, relaxing tones.  Last year, we changed our bedroom from a barn red color to a light silvery-blue, and we even hung wallpaper on one wall.  I just love walking in our bedroom now and sometimes during a particularly hectic moment I will step into that room and take a deep breath.  Love it.

…So that has been a major thing going on the past week or so.  I am also training for a 5K that Casey and I are running in a few weeks.  It is called the Glow Run and is to benefit Easter Seals.  I have never been much of a runner, so it has been a challenge for me.  I can definitely see the appeal of running now, though.  It is a good, quick workout, and it is great to be outside and just run.

Last week was my 34th birthday!  It passed without too much hoorah, which I prefer more and more every year!  I really don’t mind getting older.  I love being in my 30’s.  One good thing about having an April birthday is that I always get some nice plants for my yard.

Double Bloom Impatiens and Coleus in the wine barrels out front

Double Bloom Impatiens and Coleus in the wine barrels out front-Thanks Daddy!

A gorgeous Lilly plant from Jason-Can't wait until the blooms open!

A gorgeous Lilly plant from Jason-Can’t wait until the blooms open!

An impatiens hanging basket and tomato plants from my friend Lauren

An impatiens hanging basket and tomato plants from my friend Lauren

Jason also got me a fabulous composting bin, which is exactly what I wanted!  I think I might be getting boring in my old age!



A Sure Sign that Spring is Near

12 Mar

One thing I love about my mother is that she always knows from a simple telephone call when I need a few minutes alone.  She is so good about taking the kids for a little while so I can have a breather and I so appreciate that.  That is one pro of living next door to your mom: It’s no big deal for her to say, “Can I stop by and take the kids for a little while?”

While she had the kids for a couple of hours this afternoon, I did one of my favorite things: Washed off the screened-in porch.  You may think that sounds crazy, but it is so therapeutic to me.  Jason got the water hose out of winter storage for me and I went to it.  I just love the sounds of the outdoors and the water dripping, and seeing the dirt being washed away…I don’t know why, exactly, but I love it. When I tell Jason, “I am going to wash off the porch now,” He takes the kids and leaves me to it!

We eat a lot of meals around this table!

We eat a lot of meals around this table!

For me, this is a definite sign that spring is coming.  We use the porch every day during the spring, summer, and fall.  We love to eat breakfast and dinner out there (most days it is too hot for lunch on the porch), and the kids spend a lot of time playing in their water table out there.  I love to sit in one of the comfy wicker chairs and read or look on my Kindle.


So ready for winter to be over!

So ready for winter to be over!

I am so ready for a summer of long, hot days outside, playing in the water, grilling out with family, staying up late, and washing off the porch!