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Summer Update

7 Aug

Wow, this summer is flying by!  We are having a great time so far.  Charlie is 3, yes 3!  Just saying that I have a 3-year old sounds strange to me.  He had a fire truck birthday party, which turned into a naked fireman party by the end.  We had a blast, and Charlie got his first bike!


On Charlie’s actual birthday, May 20th, we went with our church youth group to the Aloha Safari Zoo, a zoo in Sanford that rescues exotic animals.  It was so cool.  Charlie and Maddie got to feed and pet a giraffe, and we rode on a “safari” (really a few trailors being pulled by a tractor) on a path through fields of zebras, llamas, camels, pigs, peacocks, and lots of other animals that I can’t remember.  There was a pit full of alligators (I’m sure I wasn’t the only mother who played through an entire scene in her mind of her children falling into that pit.) and turtles who educated our innocent youth group about turtle mating habits.




In all seriousness, this was an excellent hands-on experience that you couldn’t have at any large state zoo, so check out their website.  http://alohasafarizoonc.com/index.html