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Things I am Loving Right Now…

3 Apr

Golf, flowers, flip-flops1


Golf, flowers, flip-flops2


Golf, flowers, flip-flops3


Golf, flowers, flip-flops4


Golf, flowers, flip-flops5

I apologize in advance to my friends up North who are still knee-deep (or higher) in snow, wearing coats and scarves and hats.  You may not want to read this…

…but I just have to brag on this gorgeous week we are having.  We really needed for this winter to be over, and it finally is.  I am high on vitamin D right now!

And God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good.  Genesis 1:31a




A Sure Sign that Spring is Near

12 Mar

One thing I love about my mother is that she always knows from a simple telephone call when I need a few minutes alone.  She is so good about taking the kids for a little while so I can have a breather and I so appreciate that.  That is one pro of living next door to your mom: It’s no big deal for her to say, “Can I stop by and take the kids for a little while?”

While she had the kids for a couple of hours this afternoon, I did one of my favorite things: Washed off the screened-in porch.  You may think that sounds crazy, but it is so therapeutic to me.  Jason got the water hose out of winter storage for me and I went to it.  I just love the sounds of the outdoors and the water dripping, and seeing the dirt being washed away…I don’t know why, exactly, but I love it. When I tell Jason, “I am going to wash off the porch now,” He takes the kids and leaves me to it!

We eat a lot of meals around this table!

We eat a lot of meals around this table!

For me, this is a definite sign that spring is coming.  We use the porch every day during the spring, summer, and fall.  We love to eat breakfast and dinner out there (most days it is too hot for lunch on the porch), and the kids spend a lot of time playing in their water table out there.  I love to sit in one of the comfy wicker chairs and read or look on my Kindle.


So ready for winter to be over!

So ready for winter to be over!

I am so ready for a summer of long, hot days outside, playing in the water, grilling out with family, staying up late, and washing off the porch!