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The daycare diaries: Biting

5 Aug

Today another child at daycare bit Emma. This is the first time that Emma has been bitten. I have gotten notes sent home warning me of infectious diarrhea, vomiting, green snot, bumps, bruises, scrapes and scratches but I have never gotten a note warning me about the human teeth marks on my kid. I’m sure most moms would be mad and I do hate that some gross little kid was gnawing on Emma’s arm but the note sent home was the funniest note ever. I find it amusing that the people at daycare spend so much time with children that they tend to speak to everyone as if they were a child. That is the only explanation I can find to explain this poem that was handed to me today when I picked Emma up.

My teeth are here…HIP! HIP! HOORAY!!!
(I wonder who I can bite today?)
I’ve got to try them out, you see.
I must find out if they’ll work for me!!

My teachers say “Now you must not bite,”
“It hurts your friends and fills them with fright.”
So I’m trying to keep my teeth to myself
And be nice to my friends like a good little elf.

But please be patient as I go through this phase.
It is necessary to my development in varying ways.
And I will continue to do my best,
To use my words when my emotions they test.

Wow. Emma obviously can’t read, so this little poem was meant for me. I feel like I should respond with a poem for the daycare teachers.

Hey I just turned thirty-two.
This may be a surprise to you.
When you tell me how Emma did,
Don’t talk to me like I’m a kid.
I can read and I can write
And teach my kid not to bite.
But if some child invades her space
I hope she’ll slap them in the face.


Planting with the Crazy Peoples

1 Mar

Am I the only one who is  SO ready for spring?  I decided today to do a little early planting with Charlie and Maddie and enjoy checking out the fruits of our labor for the remainder of this dreary winter.

All we did was take a glass container (I bought this one at Pottery Barn years ago and use it year-round for different decorations), fill it with glass beads, stick some calla lily bulbs down into the beads, and add a little water.  This would be really cute in mason jars or any type of glass vase or pitcher.

Charlie was being silly for the camera so I had to include some pics of his hilarious self.

Eating cookies and playing with the beads a bit

Eating cookies and playing with the beads a bit

Charlie was cracking me up

Charlie was cracking me up

Adding the beads

Adding the beads

A few more...

A few more…

This is what it looks like after the bulbs and some water were added.  It isn't too pretty now, but when they begin growing they will be gorgeous!  I hope they're ready in time for Easter...

This is what it looks like after the bulbs and some water were added. It isn’t too pretty now, but when they begin growing they will be gorgeous! I hope they’re ready in time for Easter…

This was really fun to do with the kids and I know they’ll be so excited when the flowers start growing.  We’re definitely going to have to talk about planting seeds in people by talking about Jesus (Matt 28:19) and also how seeds grow into big, beautiful things (Matt 13: 30-32).  Springtime is such a wonderful opportunity to teach about God’s love for us and how his love is expressed in nature.

I’ll post some pics of our flowers when they bloom!






Maddie’s 2nd Birthday Part(y) 3!!!

8 Feb

Ok, I know that this is getting ridiculous!  A 2-year old having 3 birthday parties?  It sounds ludicrous to me, also, but it just had to be done.  I had to have a party for her friends, a party for our family, and a little something on her actual birthday.  It wasn’t much, don’t worry.

She got to wear her fabulous birthday outfit to church, and was so precious even though her birthday onesie did have marker stains all over the front of it.  (I know I wouldn’t be able to get that out.)  You can see my earlier post for shopping details on her outfit if you’re interested.

We came home from church and gave her her birthday present from us: a bike!  We couldn’t decide if we wanted to get her a big-wheel or a real bike, and finally decided that since Charlie has a bike she is always trying to ride, it would just make sense to go ahead and go for it.  Don’t worry-we did get a helmet for that big head of hers, too!

Trying out the new bike!  She hasn't quite figured out how to pedal yet, but she will soon.

Trying out the new bike! She hasn’t quite figured out how to pedal yet, but she will soon.

Then, after Maddie’s favorite meal of chicken nuggets and mac-n-cheese, Maddie got to blow out the candles!

Maddie was well-practiced at blowing out candles by this point, so she got them on the first try!

Maddie was well-practiced at blowing out candles by this point, so she got them on the first try!


So now, for a few months at least, I have a 2-year old and a 3-year old.  People always get very wide-eyed and look at me like I am a little crazy when I tell them the ages of my children!  Sometimes I look at myself in the mirror and I have a similar look on my face……..


Maddie’s 2nd Birthday Part(y)2

31 Jan

Hi Everyone!  I hope that everyone is having a great week so far.  We have been very busy this week, so I am just now getting around to posting about Maddie’s 2nd 2nd Birthday party.  It was last Sunday, and this was just a family party.  However, in my family there is no such thing as “just” anything!  Having a party with everyone that is considered family is quite an undertaking.

Our church was cancelled due to “Winter Weather Blast 2013,” so Jason and I had the morning to get ready.  That is, I had the morning to get ready, and Jason had time to research cell phone plans online.

Maddie got dressed up in a special birthday outfit.  It was too cute, if I do say so myself:

Birthday Girl in her tutu!

Birthday Girl in her tutu!



Maddie's 2nd Outfit-She's such a Diva!!!

Maddie’s 2nd Outfit-She’s such a Diva!!!

The tutu, legwarmers, and hairbow came from the shop that my sisters and I run, Mommy in Bonlee.  You can check us out on Facebook,  http://mommyinbonlee.storenvy.com or http://www.etsy.com/shop/mommyinbonlee.  The CUTE onesie was handmade by Say It N Stitches, at http://www.etsy.com/shop/sayitNstitches.  They do awesome work.  I am really disappointed that Maddie drew all over the front of this onesie with a dry-erase marker.  I know from my teaching days that, no matter how long I OxiClean that thing, it just isn’t coming out.

We had our usual hamburgers and hotdogs, with the strawberry cupcakes making yet another appearance!  You can get the recipe from the link below to my earlier post.

Some miniature cupcakes for the dieters-I think most just ended up eating 3 of these!

Some miniature cupcakes for the dieters-I think most just ended up eating 3 of these!

Finally got to use my cupcake stand!

Finally got to use my cupcake stand!

Maddie loved being the center of attention and having Happy Birthday sung to her.

Love her

Love her

She has him wrapped around her finger!

She has him wrapped around her finger!

Enjoying her cupcakes:



Opening presents:


She tried to carry around all of her new dolls and her new underwear all at once!

She tried to carry around all of her new dolls and her new underwear all at once!


Maddie loved her new pocketbook from Gramma!

Maddie loved her new pocketbook from Gramma!


So, Maddie’s 2nd 2nd Birthday party was a success!  It is always a pleasure to get all of our family together, especially to celebrate such a little sweet blessing as Maddie.




You Shouldn’t Yell During Uno!

22 Jan

Today has been quite a day!  We got off to a lazy start, so when Casey and Emma showed up at 11 to visit, I still had my robe on and Charlie and Maddie had just gotten out of the tub.  We had a great visit with Casey and Emma, though, and we got quite a bit of work done even with the distraction of a 1 year old, a 2 year old, and a 3 year old running around!


Isn't Emma precious?

Isn’t Emma precious?


We are working on some new tutus for Mommy in Bonlee and had Maddie model for us.  Charlie and Emma were so jealous, it was difficult to keep them out of the pictures!

Getting ready...

Getting ready…

I love the look on Maddie's face here!

I love the look on Maddie’s face here!

DSC_0045 DSC_0048

...and a supermodel is born!

…and a supermodel is born!

If you like this tutu, you should check out our shop on Storenvy at http://mommyinbonlee.storenvy.com and also like us on Facebook!  This particular one isn’t listed yet, but there are plenty others!

Charlie had me cracking up tonight.  After dinner, we were having a friendly family game of UNO.  Charlie has never played before, and neither Jason nor I have played since we were children.  Jason and I were a bit overexcited, I guess.  We had not told Charlie the biggest rule of UNO: when a player has only one card remaining, they have to yell out “UNO” before the other players yell it out.  Well, when Charlie got down to one card, Jason and I both yelled at him, “UNO!”  Charlie said, “You shouldn’t yell.”  Then he busted out in tears!  It was so pitiful, but funny at the same time.

When that game was over, with Charlie being victorious because of his pitifulness, we played another game.  Jason won this one, and Charlie said, “I was supposed to win!” and started crying again!  He stuck that bottom lip out and just really put on a fit!  Jason and I were just about to die laughing.  I wish I had it on video, because it would have been a YouTube sensation!

Aren’t children funny?



Maddie’s Night Out

21 Jan

Hi Everyone!  I hope that your weekend has been as great as ours.  We spent a lot of time with family this weekend.  Friday night we had dinner out with my stepbrother Randy and his family (more on that eventful night in a sec).  Yesterday, my sister-in-law Jill was in town with her new little baby girl, Addison.  I took the kids to my mother-in-law’s house to visit with them for awhile.  Then today, my sister and her family came to Bonlee for lunch, so we got to spend some time with them.  I so appreciate every person in my family and the influence they have on my children.  We are all so different, but my family (while a tad crazy:)) is a good mix of people.

It was a really warm day here in NC, so we spent a lot of time outside.  We had a fire in our firepit at the house this afternoon, and Jason actually only just now came inside!

Jason giving Charlie a fire safety lesson-or a lesson in something!

Jason giving Charlie a fire safety lesson-or a lesson in something!


Maddie loved warming her hands by the fire.


The moon was beautiful!

So, back to dinner Friday night.  Maddie has been a handful this week.  I know that she has her 2-year molars coming in (one finally popped through today), and she has had a little cold, but she has been really hard to handle.  I had already decided earlier in the week that I am just going to have to start laying down the law with her, but that is really difficult to do in a crowded restaurant.  So I am officially one of THOSE people: you know, the ones with the obnoxious kid in the restaurant that ruins everyone else’s meal?  That’s me.  Maddie was a nightmare.  She refused to sit in her highchair, refused to sit with anyone but me, then finally refused to sit anywhere!  She wanted to wallow around in the restaurant floor or dance around in the middle of the crowded aisle in the way of the waitresses.  She threw toys and was just all-around awful.

Ugh!  It was not the way I had envisioned dinner going.  I am not exactly sure how I am going to handle Maddie as she moves into her two’s and three’s.  I love her spirit and her independence and her personality.  She has great qualities that will make her a very powerful woman, and I certainly don’t want to spoil those traits.  She is so different from Charlie, and I am going to have to come up with some new strategies. One thing I do know is this: Maddie will not be eating anywhere but Chick-Fil-A or McDonalds for at least a year!

Sweet Devilish Charlie

22 Feb

Charlie, who has always been a little late with everything (he didn’t start walking until he was 18 months old), has decided to come into his terrible-two’s now.  As I type this blog entry, he is throwing balls out of his ball pit at his sister.  I feel like I have to constantly stay on top of him.  So far, I have found that taking away the play-doh and Legos are most effective, along with telling him that he can’t watch Caillou or Bob the Builder (Thank goodness he no longer likes The Wiggles-how annoying is that show?).  He also really hates being in time out, so I just have to mention it and he straightens up.  Of course, there is the occasional spanking.  I have decided not to overuse that form of punishment and save it for the most dire crimes that could result in death or injury.  Several mothers and gandmothers  told me that if I can just hang in there until he turns 4  he will be okay, and I am hanging onto that hope with every shred of my being!

While he has his bad moments, Charlie also has so many good, sweet moments.  A couple of weeks ago he wouldn’t share a toy with a friend who was visiting our house.  I told him that he needed to be nice and share his toys, that God wants us to be nice and kind to people.  He said, through his tears, “God is wrong.” I had trouble keeping a straight face as I told him that God is never wrong.

The day before yesterday he asked me where Heaven is.  I explained to him that Heaven is in the sky, so far away that we can’t see it, but that even though God is far away he still sees and hears everything that we say and do.  At the time we were sitting at the kitchen table and I had the laundry room door open, so the washer and dryer were loud.  Charlie said “God can’t hear us because of the dryer.”  The boy cracks me up. 

One thing I have discovered about children:  They can bring you to your highest of highs and your lowest of lows.

Here’s a picture of Charlie and Maddie on Maddie’s first birthday.  The question is this: Is he hugging her, or strangling her?

Exercise Mommy Style

5 Jan

I am usually a pretty avid exerciser.  I try to do something most days of the week.  After Charlie was born I became addicted to spin class, but I have found that it is difficult to find people to watch 2 children, especially considering that all of my extra caretakers have to take off of work if I need anyone to keep the kids for an hour or two.  I just hate to ask, and I can’t bring myself to take Charlie and Maddie to the childcare offered by the gym. 

This spring, summer, and fall we had a really great routine going with our friends at the park.  At least three mornings a week we would go walk a couple of miles and then play on the playground.  It was great to be outside and have adults to talk to for a little time in the mornings, and Charlie really enjoyed it.  This winter, however, I have found myself in an exercise conondrum. 

It is too cold to walk at the park, I can’t get to spin class, and my treadmill is broken!  So this morning, I decided to create my own exercise plan.  I put 10 minutes on the kitchen timer and went to it.  I jogged around the kitchen island for 1 minute, did lunges for 1 minute, did 50 jumping jacks, did 50 situps (with Maddie sitting on my stomach because she loves to crawl all over me when I am on the floor), did 120 leg lifts, then 50 butt crunches, then jogged around the house for the remaining 1 minute and 45 seconds.  The kids thought I was crazy, but towards the end Charlie was jogging around the house behind me! 

I am planning on doing another 10 minute spurt later today, maybe this time including the stairs.  I know it’s not much, but it’s definitely better than nothing, which is what I am doing currently.

Something fun I did with Charlie a couple of weeks ago: I tied a long piece of streamer to a rod that Charlie took off of my clothes drying rack.  He had a lot of fun swirling it through the air. And when he eventually tore it to shreds I didn’t freak out because it cost me nothing!


A Great New Use for Empty Baby Wipes Containers

27 Dec

Well, Christmas is over and we are dealing with the aftermath of the toys.  They are everywhere!  Right now Charlie and I are deciding what toys we are going to put away for awhile to bring out later and what toys are going to be given to Emma, my neice who will be born in March. I am coming up with lots of different organizational ideas for all of the toys.  Here’s one idea:

I had 2 children in diapers for about 7 months, so I have thrown out (well, we did recycle them) a gazillion baby wipes containers.  I just came up with a great idea for them. 

I have been trying to keep up with all of Charlie’s little matchbox cars.  It seems that they are everywhere, and there is nothing worse than stepping on one of them barefoot in the middle of the night.  I decided to put some of the enpty containers to use to hold small toys.  Use foam letter stickers to label the containers with whatever toy you need to gain control over, and there you go! I made one for cars, people, and animals.  I think I am going to also make one for trucks.  This would also be a great way to store art supplies.

One unexpected plus of this system is that Maddie (10 months) really loves taking the toys out and putting them back in the small slots at the top of the containers.  That is great fun for her.

Like A Kid Again

21 Dec

The great thing, I am learning, about celebrating Christmas with children is that the excitement and impatience that I once had as a child has returned, although in a slightly different way.  Remember when you were a small child and counting down the days to Christmas, and finally Christmas Eve would arrive and that night would go on FOREVER?  It would be so hard to go to sleep knowing that Santa could be downstairs at that very moment, putting out your presents.

As I have gotten older, I have lost those feelings.  Christmas has turned into a holiday of stress and spending.  Jason and I both have divorced parents, and my dad lives almost 2 hours away.  We dreaded the driving, the constant eating, and quite honestly were just exhausted when it was all over.

Now, with Charlie and Maddie here, things are looking up for us this Christmas.  Charlie will be 3 in May, so this Christmas he will really know what is going on.  We have cut out spending Christmas Eve in Mt. Airy with my family and will instead make the drive home that night so we can wake up at home.  I think I will be so excited to see Charlie’s face that I will wake him up  on Christmas morning!  I can’t wait.  Maddie is only 10 months old, so she won’t really know what is going on yet, but I am looking forward to dressing her up for church on Christmas day.

The best thing about having children is that they force us to quit being such adults, for at least a little while!