Beach Bums

21 Aug

 Here we go for Summer Update #2!  I decided to dedicate this one to vacations that we have taken over the past couple of months.  We spent the first week in June at Atlantic Beach.  Usually we go with Jason’s side of the family to Myrtle Beach, but decided to switch it up this year and stick to NC beaches.  We really love Myrtle Beach since that is the beach that we all grew up going to, but it has become very crowded and commercialized.  One thing I love about North Carolina beaches is that you really feel like you are at the beach!   The little restaurants in shacks and lack of Wings and Eagles really appeal to me.  Plus, Jason and Alvin loved fishing on the beach (even though they caught nothing but sharks-made me stay out of the water:)).  The kids are old enough now to stay out on the beach all day without any problems. 

I came to terms with the fact that I just am not going to get to relax on the beach with a good book at this time in my life!  It was a constant job to keep Maddie from drowning herself in the ocean.  If I looked in the other direction she would take off like a rocket towards the waves.  It was exhausting!

One thing we LOVED doing on a rainy day was visiting the aquarium. 

Me, Maddie, Charlie, and Aunt Jill checking out the shark tank.

Jill, Sandra, Charlie, Maddie, and Jason petting an alligator!

The first week of July we went to Amelia Island off the coast of Florida.  It was wonderful!  We stayed at the Ritz-Carlton and by the end of that trip I was so relaxed I could barely move!  Fernandina Beach is a wonderful little town and the hotel is known for catering to children.  Everyone had a great time.  There were wonderful tidal pools on the beach, so that helped with Maddie’s tendency to run into the ocean quite a bit.  Another thing that helped a lot is that Charlie took swimming lessons the week before this trip, so with a puddle jumper on he was safe in the swimming pools.  He had a great time with Sam and Aaron.

Charlie got to sleep in a bed with me and Jason, which was a little treat for all of us since we don’t do that at home.  Luckily we had a king size bed!  Also during this trip we got to introduce Charlie and Maddie to what I consider to be one of life’s greatest pleasures-room service.  They loved sitting on the floor eating pancakes and bacon,and I loved not having to cook those pancakes and bacon.  I loved that so much. We had such a great time that we decided to stay an extra night!


Summer is almost over, but we do have one more beach trip planned for the first week of September.  Can’t wait!!!



One Response to “Beach Bums”

  1. Bethony Orwin Holt August 23, 2012 at 2:10 am #

    Can we go back to the RC now?? Please!!!! Oh well, looking forward to a few days at the beach with you all very soon! Does the Waffle House deliver? 😉


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