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30 Days

12 Nov

A big thanks to my mom, Charlotte Holt, for writing today’s post on thankfulness!


Every year several of my friends take the month of November to post things they are thankful for. This was going to be my first year to try it.

I made lists of things I am thankful for. I kept notes on my cell phone (one of the things I’m thankful for), notes on paper, random words that I would write on my checkbook so I wouldn’t forget when I wrote my posts.

It’s easy to think of things I’m thankful for. I struggled with putting it in a post on Facebook. If I put one thing ahead of the other thing, did that mean it was more important to me? I knew it wasn’t, but would the rest of my Facebook world? Did it matter?

This month I have found myself in a state of gratitude. I will be thinking of things I am thankful for and suddenly I am praying, thanking God for my blessings, asking Him to bless others. I have also found that when I am in a state of gratitude, I am happier. It follows me throughout the day.

I realize this is the way God wants us to be. It brings peace to my life.

Colossians 3:15 (NAS) And let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which indeed you were called in one body; and be thankful.

My intention for this writing was to list the things I am thankful for. I think, though, I will keep these things between me and God. But I want you to know, if you are reading this, I probably have or probably will thank God for you sometime during this 30 days of November.



Life after 40 (th reunion, that is)

15 Sep

I have been looking forward to/dreading my 40th high school class reunion for quite some time. It’s been a tough year for me and for my family. I haven’t reached the goals (mostly weight) that I wanted to reach before I reacquainted myself with my lifelong classmates.

Even though I don’t live in the town I grew up in, I have kept up with many of my friends on Facebook and actually feel very close to them. I wanted very badly to see several people. I couldn’t let a little (big) thing like how I perceived how I looked, keep me from seeing the people that have been so supportive and uplifting this past year.

The planning committee did a great job for this reunion. I have a suspicion their planning was just as much fun as the reunion! I was amazed at the turnout we had. While this is not official, I would guess, we had at least 1/2 of our class there.  Maybe as much as 2/3. There were people there from all over the US.

Kitten was kind enough to go with me, then let me go. He sat at the bar and pushed me away. I came back and checked on him occasionally, but he was always holding his own. As usual, he didn’t need me.

It was a night filled with hugs and sheer happiness. Many shared memories, laughter and a few tears. Many more hugs. Not everybody recognized me and I didn’t recognize everybody. We are 58/59 years old. We aren’t supposed to recognize everybody. Some of us were chubby, some were skinny, some were botoxed (okay, lots of botox), some were gray haired, some of us had time to visit the stylist before the party. There were even some fabulous new breasts! Me, I had fabulous new shoes. They were green platforms. Julie is the proud new owner! I left those bad boys in Mt. Airy!


It didn’t matter if you were popular or if you were barely known. There was somebody there that was thrilled just to see you. And if you weren’t there, there was somebody that missed you.

We are all scared. We are all flawed. We are all busy. We are all taking care of something or somebody else. But for one night, we were 6 -18 years old. We went to North Main, Rockford St. South Main, Bannertown, which led to Mt. Airy Jr. High, then to Mt. Airy Sr. High. We were the class of 1973.

If you planned this, I thank you. If you couldn’t go, I hope you will go to the next one. We really, really missed you. And, if you are reading this, thinking it doesn’t matter if you don’t go to your class reunion, believe me, it does matter. You are that important.

remodeling, remaking, reinventing

7 Jun

As I was driving to work today, my thoughts were on the disaster I was leaving at home. My newly refinished bedroom floor was dotted with puppy paws. There was already one long scratch in the floor, complements of Kitten moving the box springs. The painter had started moving his tools in, before the floor man moved his stuff out. Trying to live in a house while these two major things are being done is impossible.

A permanent reminder of our dogs.

A permanent reminder of our dogs.

This led me to think, “Are we always trying to improve? Are we ever satisfied with our life? Has this year been hard enough, just with the things that have been handed to us? Do I have to add to it by sanding my floors and painting my walls”?

My Aunt Betty is 87 years old. She is still trying to be better. Trying to lose weight, improve her health, exercise (or talk about it), clean her house, be closer to God. And, she wants to ride the train to NC to help me do all the same things! So many times I have wondered if I will be what God wants me to be. Will I ever be complete? Sometimes for just a moment, I will settle down and say, “I am okay just the way I am. My life is good.” The next breath, I am tearing something down, creating my own chaos.

I hope I’m still striving for perfection when I am 87. Here’s to the next 29 years!

Getting Back to Normal

17 Mar

We are almost at the end of week six of my recovery from hip replacement surgery. It’s hard to believe I’ve come this far in six short weeks. I’ve gone from sitting on the shower chair, barely holding my head up while Casey washed my hair (at least I think it was Casey) to walking with not too much of a limp. While I’m not pain free, I’m most certainly a lot better than before my surgery.

I’m starting to love life again. I didn’t think I would and that was a very scary thing. How could you be blessed the way I am and not love life? Pain will do that to you. It takes the joy out of life.

I had a virus a few days before my surgery. I didn’t get to do the preparation that I had planned. Luckily Stephane met me on Saturday and cut my hair before my scheduled surgery on Monday. The rest of the preparation just had to go.  Today, 6.5 weeks later, I had the  manicure and pedicure that I  so badly needed before my surgery. Laresa and Bethony celebrated this event with me. I was careful, as was the person that did the service, but oh, how good it felt. I have pretty new toes and fingers!

The best part of the day was taking Charlie and Maddie to the pond to feed the fish. It was the first time since winter. What a joyous occasion! Both Charlie and Maddie’s throwing the food into the pond skills have gotten so much better since last summer. Charlie can actually throw it in while standing backwards!

The windows are open and the breeze is blowing. Maddie ate most of her supper from Kitten’s plate (why is that?). The grass was freshly cut and it smells so good outside. But, the best thing I have heard in a long time, was Laresa saying “it’s so good to have you back to normal.”

Notes from Gaga!

9 Feb

I am honored that my girls have asked me to guest write on the blog.

1 1/2 weeks ago I had hip replacement surgery. This has rocked my world and put me in the place of being the caregetter instead of being the caregiver. And when you care for me you get baggage, in the form of Kitten, Chris, 2 dogs and a cat. Moo went to live with my friends for a couple of weeks.

The girls strategically planned my care. I never even gave it a thought. My office was in “good hands” and I was ready to go. My hospital stay was uneventful, other than being sick the whole time. Moore Regional in Pinehurst is a great hospital for orthopedic problems. That’s where all the rich, old, golfers go to get their new parts. I knew from the start that’s where I wanted to be. I came home after 3 days, ready for some physical therapy, I could see the end of this tunnel. I watched the world go by from the comfort of my recliner. My world is different from the recliner. I’m not used to being in the still spot. I’m the giver, not the getter. I spent my birthday basking in the love of my family and enjoyed the Super Bowl with Randy, Jason and Kitten. It was the first time I’ve ever actually watched the whole Super Bowl. I loved every minute of it, mostly laughing at Randy (my sometimes – okay most of the time – negative stepson). I’m sure Beyonce was sent to destroy the world!

I want to tell you about the office flooding on Monday, my Japanese landlord that doesn’t understand Terri (or doesn’t want to understand Terri), about Kitten and Jason talking on the phone while it’s on speaker, Chris sitting on the sofa telling me what he needs (20.00), the nurse asking me about my irregular heartbeat, but that’s not what this is about. I can’t resist however, telling you about the one quite moment in all of this chaos. Kitten’s cell phone rang, that weird, long, erie, loud, loud, sound. Charlie and Maddie stopped dead in their tracks and looked around, the wonder in their eyes. That said it all…..”where are we”? It’s Friday and I still haven’t quite figured that out!

I could not have stayed home without the care of my girls, for which I will forever be grateful. Although he means well, Kitten tends to forget about me! Laresa lives next door, so she, Charlie and Maddie have spent most days with me. Casey and Julie have been here and helped me so much.  I am proud to have 3 girls that are natural caregivers. They each have their special talents and gifts, but they all add up to one loved Mama. Not necessarily deserving, but indeed grateful for my precious girls.

This story will end the day we dance through South Point Mall, which I have been unable to go to for the past 6 months. I hope you will join us.

Charlie, Maddie, and Laresa taking care of Gaga.

Charlie, Maddie, and Laresa taking care of Gaga.

Charlie on his new jungle gym.

Charlie on his new jungle gym.

My view of my birthday cupcake from my spot on the recliner.  What a way to celebrate my birthday!

My view of my birthday cupcake from my spot on the recliner. What a way to celebrate my birthday!